The curriculum vitae

As an Executive you undoubtedly have a long story to tell, however in the case of your CV less is more. Save the detailed story for the interview and try and keep your CV to 3 or 4 pages maximum.


 Personal/Contact details

Start with this, include your Name, address, contact telephone number (preferably a mobile, and remember to set up your voice mail) and an email address.

Personal Profile

This is a short paragraph highlighting your skills paying particular attention to those relevant to the role you are applying for.


 Academic Achievements

This should be in reverse chronological order (most recent qualifications first). Include any professional memberships here also.

Career History

This is the main body of the CV and probably the most important. Present this in reverse chronological order (most recent role first). Start with the company name and a brief summary of what the company does (size, sector). Highlight your job title and include your responsibilities using bullet points.

Ensure all of your dates are correct.

Extra Achievements

Keep these relevant. You can include professional awards etc.


These are optional but if you do decide to include them make sure you get permission from the referees you are using.


This is a ‘nice to have’ and it shows you have a personality! Never lie about a hobby as it could come back to bite you!!

Remember, you will need to tailor your CV for every role you are applying for.