The Cover Letter

The cover letter is the first page of your CV. Keep it short and to the point.








The following points should be taken in to account when writing your cover letter:

  • Think about content and layout. Use the same grade and colour paper as your CV
    Unless a handwritten response is specifically asked for then you should type your letter
  • If using email then put your cover letter as the body of your email. Add your CV as an attachment
  • Keep it clear and concise
  • Don’t repeat the contents of your CV
  • Keep it to one page
  • Include your contact details (name, address, email and phone number)
  • Find out who will be receiving the letter and address it them personally
  • State the role you are applying for
  • Relate your skills required in the job and why you are a good fit – these are your personal selling points
  • Thank the employer for taking time to read your letter and CV and that you look forward to hearing from them soon